A new way out for mold industry

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China mold manufacturer is fighting price war in a very long time, cause Chinese mold product stay in lower level in the world, China must change its strategy of competition, from the competition of product to the competition of brand, from the competition of market share to the competition of response speed to the market, from the competition of price to the competition of technology and additional value. Chinese mold enterprise should change the strategy of competition to get into higher level of world mold industry competition and get rid of cutthroat competition of price.

Mold industry is the integration of mechanical, electrical, chemical, optical, material and computer-assisted, precision inspection and IT technology, it’s a comprehensive system engineering. The tendency of molding technology development is larger in scale, more precision, more complex and shorter in lead time. Constantly improve the technical content of china custom mold, constantly shorten the mold manufacturing cycle, mold production towards informationize, refinement, automation, mold companies toward technology integration, well-equipped, product branding, management informationization and internationalization direction.

Created on:2019-08-16 16:29